CnCterm - The terminal program for working with COM ports.


  • Support for any COM ports, including virtual, with a choice of numbers from 1 to 40.
  • Working in a text (ASCII) and hexadecimal (HEX) modes.
  • Forming a list of commands with the ability to edit and fast send.
  • Fine-tuning the baudrate.
  • Automatic shut-off when disconnecting the port virtual port.
  • Saving files in the port settings and commands.
  • Storing the received data in binary files..
  • Transferring files through the serial port.
  • Setting delays for bytes and blocks.
  • Measurement delays between received data.
  • "Echo" mode
  • Management lines DTR, RTS, display DSR, CTS, CD, RI
  • The program does not require installation
  • Support Programmer Orange5 in emulation mode.

Soft was tested with Windows 98/XP/7.
Compared with this program allows the program HyperTerminal:

  • work with hexadecimal values
  • quickly transfer sequences
  • "On the fly" change the baudrate and other parameters
  • display a list of available COM ports

Software screenshots:

терминал параметры порта


cncterm.rar 130 Kb CnCterm v1.24