Orange5 Tool

O5Tool - Additional tools for the programmer Orange5. Includes a square wave generator, probe, logic analyzer, oscilloscope, CDC emulator devices.


  • The logic analyzer: 8 channels, 32 Kbytes of memory, the maximum frequency of recording - 2.5 MHz
  • Protocol analyzer: I2C, MicroWire, SPI, RS232 ...
  • Generator: Maximum frequency - 16 MHz.
  • Logic probe - 12 channels.
  • Oscilloscope - the sampling frequency of 300 kHz, input voltage 0-5 volts.
  • COM CDC emulation supported with CnCTerm software.


logic analyzer Orange5 Oscilloscope Orange5


o5tool.rar 400 Kb O5TOOL v1.3 For get password mail to support