Programmer Orange4

   A professional memory and microcontrollers programmer. The software works under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
- Universal ZIF16 socket.
- Check socket contacts.
- Protection against over-current.
- Protection against over-voltage.
Built-in programming voltage source up to 21V.

   A unique feature of Orange programmers series is HPL macro-language built describe protocols that allows programmer easily complement new types of chips, just to meet the requirements of manufacturers in the reading and writing algorithms. In addition, the user receives a powerful data processing (automatic calculation of various parameters, generating unique serial numbers of devices on a formula ...).

Programmer connects to a standard LPT port (cable included). Expanding on the Extension connector programmer allows you to connect additional adapters and make in-system programming.

Additional adapters and accessories (optional):

  • SOIC8DIP - Adapter for chips SOIC8 width 150mil.
  • SOIC16DIP - Adapter for chips in the shell SOIC8, 14,16 (solder)
  • SSOP8DIP - Adapter for chips SSOP8 (solder)
  • ER1400 - Adapter for ER1400
  • MDA206X/O4 - Adapter for MDA2061,MDA2062 (ITT)
  • PIC-AVR - Adapter for MCU PIC12x, PIC16x, AT90, ATTiny, ATmega
  • O4-NDM457 - Adapter for NDM457 (+HPX)
  • DIP-ext - Extractor DIP chips


orange4.rar 490 Kb Orange4 v1.35
orwdemo.rar 280 Kb Orange4 Win demo
unizif40.pdf 60 Kb UNIZIF40 Adapter User Manual
or4list.htm 12 Kb The short-list chips supported by the basic version