Universal Logic Analyzer - UniLogic
Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.1 (1.04.2002)

Q: I can see at the screen only 4 channels. What can I do to see more?
A: In file ulogic.cfg find string CHANNELS=n and set needed value

Q: What is measures used for "Time/del"?
A: It's a relative digits show cycles between reads. In PRO version milliseconds too.

Q: Can I use in schematic 74F14 instead 74HC14?
A: No! It have low input impedance and it need external power supply 5v.

Q: What so low speed, I use Pentium III?
A: Reading speed limited by LPT port architecture (time for in/out instructions) and not be increased by softwere.

Q: Why needed delta-write?
A: At this mode not writes time intervals. It increase buffer capacity. But don't use it for time analysys, frequency or phase modulated signals e.t.c.

Q: "Inverted inputs" slow down reading?
A: No. Inversion maded in buffer after reading. For the schematic with 74HC14 this option must be set.

Q: Why command "Compression" waveform is some not equal?
A: Because Compression maked by not simple cutting, but by special algorithm, saves fronts of impulses.